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The history of Qingdao

The history of the area in Qingdao is very long. The ruins of mankind's activity of earlier period have been discovered in Jiaozhou City and Pingdu City. Qingdao belonged to the region of the Dongyi living in the Slave Social’s period. From Zhou Dynasty, Qingdao belonged to difficent states. The area of Qingdao belonged to Qi State until B.C.567.Qi was very strong , built the great wall of Qi, created transportation ports and built up the navy in the period.
221 B.C., the whole country was united by Qin Dynasty. Qingdao belonged to Langya Province. 30,000 families moved to the Langya Hills. At the end of Qin Dynasty, 500 people took their own life in Heng Island because they didn’t want to throw up the sponge to Han Dynasty. It was peaceful from Han Dynasty to Sui Dynasty except the period of Three Countries. The position of the region of Qingdao is gradually important because of the development of the trade and sea transportation. Banqiao Town which was an important port formed. The Taoism of Laoshan flourished by inchmeal at the moment. The development of Qingdao was affected by the war between Song and Jin. The leaders realized the importance of Qingdao and the trade, the military, economy gets the development in Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. But it developed slowly.
The government of Qing decided to establish department at Jiaoao in 1891. Then Qingdao formed. Zhang GaoYuan who was the chief of staff in Dengzhou moved to Jiaoao with his army in the second year. Germany enforced obedience on china to occupy Jiaoao and took the Case of Juyejiao as a excuse in November of 1897. And Germany forced the government of Qing to sign The Treaty of Borrowing Jiaoao on March 6 of 1898. From then, Jiaaao became the colony.And Germany also occupied Shandong Province. After World War I, Japan replaced Germany to seize Jiaoao, carrying on the military colonial control in November of 1914. Chinese people carried on the brave conflict for taking back Qingdao after World War I ended. The Parade on May 4 broke out because of the sovereignty problem of Qingdao in 1919, which forced Japan to sign The Treaty of Resolving Shandong’s Case with Chinese government on February 4 of 1922. In the same year, China took back the Jiaoao, openning it for the commercial port, establishing commercial port director official bureau, which belonged to the North Ocean Government on December 10.The Nanjing Government connected the Jiaoao Commercial Port In April 1929 and established Qingdao to be a special city in July at the same year. It was called Qingdao City in 1930. Japan seized Qingdao again in January of 1938. The Nanjing Government accepted Qingdao, which was still a special city in September of 1945.
Qingdao was liberated on June 2 of 1949. After liberation, it changed to be the city belonged to Shandong Province. In 1981, it was list as one of the 15 economic center cities in the whole country. In April of 1984, it was list as one of the 14 openning further and outward of along seaside cities. On October 15 of 1986, it was planned at nation by formal approval in State Department in practice the single row, given the province a class economy management legal power. In February of 1994, it was list as one of 15 vice- province classes of whole country cities.

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